Cool & cheap London: How to enjoy your time off with your family

Have you ever looked at your child and wonder how fast he/she is growing up? As mom of a little man (who is 2 now) I decided few weeks ago to stop missing spare time with my son and try to enjoy more London.

We all know London, as the stand of imposing Houses of Parliament, the ‘Big Ben’ clock tower Piccadilly Circus, Oxford Street and its astonishing shops and the iconic London Eye, which provides a panoramic views of the entire city. Heady isn’t? This is all we love about this city. To make it more relaxing, local ambiance, cheap and family fun. I am about to share places and things you can do in London with your child without losing any of the beauty of this amazing city.

As working parents, the weekday is kind crazy circle of repeating things, very much like: get up, get my son ready for the nursery, go to work, collect him after work, go home, having diner, sleep, wake up, and do it all over again. Exhausting, really!!!! So to catch up and spend more time all together as well as controlling our expenses, because London can be quite expensive.

So far we have tried this and we are planning to do more, but if you have done something different or similar and more interesting, please share with me in the comments below.


  • Fun, green and refreshing Playground

Whether if you fancy for a picnic, playing football or chatting with your friends while yours kids are playing together. From well-known parks to secret and quiet gardens, London is a great place to escape to, with plenty of green and open spaces.

We have for example flown a kite at Regents Park. It was cool and funny, to see how high the kite can go. We had a nice weather that day sunny and warm (not really often in London believe that).100118_eddy_hippo

The Regent’s Park, covers 395 acres and includes Queen Mary’s Gardens. It also houses the Open Air Theatre, London Zoo and Primrose Hill, the country’s largest free to access waterfowl collection and 100 species of wild bird.

w_992 (2)

Th rose Garden at Regents Park

 Cost of the day: £5 for the kite

We have done plants projects and eggs hunt at Paddington recreation, which is a peaceful small green place where you can take your children to a walk and that offers a range of facilities and activities for toddlers (tennis court, football club, swimming pool). We have met new friends and shared many times picnic snacks, birthday cakes, nappies, and cries and sometimes kisses. Cost of the day: free

We had bike lessons at Hyde Park, a fleet of rowing and pedal boats on the Serpentine. Count £29 for a couple with child for an hour. Hyde Park offers various recreational activities including open water swimming, boating, cycling, tennis and horse riding. It’s well-known for its Diana Memorial Fountain opened in July 2004, by her the queen Elizabeth II.

diana fountain

Princess Diana Memorial Fountain

Cost of the day: £29


We have discovered deer and many other animals at Richmond Park, my son was impressed. He often sees these animals in his book, he couldn’t believe to see them alive and walking around freely. We tried to count them, but they were more than 10 and I can’t count over 10, not yet.


Wildlife at Richmond Park

 Cost of the day: less than £10 the return trip for 2 adults.

  • An outing to the archives of the world history

Natural History Museum, Science Museum, National Gallery, National Maritime Museum and so on…In London you will easily find a museum that suits to your interests.

My little one adores engines (planes, bus, cars, and helicopters) among other things like robots, logo toys. So it was very normal to take him to Royal Air Force Museum, dedicated wholly to aviation. During a day we wore pilot hat and we enjoyed hands-on exhibits demonstrating, we took control of a second-war aircraft. We felt what is to be a pilot with virtual tours and flight simulators.2424-RAF-Museum-1The Royal Air Force Museum London offers a fun, enthralling day out for the whole family, it enables you to get close to so many historic and ground-breaking aircraft, over 100 aircraft on site. Cost of the day: admission free, £20 for flight simulator and souvenir in the museum shop.

And because it’s always time to explore the creative part of yourself, we went to National Gallery to try out crafty workshops and other playful activities such as Musical magic carpet storytelling, dancing rhythms. Immersion in global cultures through messy play, art making, stories, and songs.NAT-GALLERYThe National Gallery houses the national collection of paintings in the Western European tradition from the 13th to the 19th centuries. Cost of the day: admission and activities free

We explored water ripples at the Pattern Pod and other simulating activities at the Science museum. C4DNnhmWQAATYldThe Pattern Pod is an amazing multi-sensory area for children. Fun, interactive exhibits encourage them to recognize and copy patterns – or create entirely new ones of their own. The science museum records a large collection of scientific, technological and medical achievements from across the globe. For family, it’s a fun and stimulating place where children can learn through play to develop their science skills. Cost of the day: admission and activities free

We went back to the London underground and transport evolution at London transport museum. We took place in the legendary Double-decker bus. We were pretending to be a train driver and explored the London underground. We saw and tried the first London bus, we had an insight of the future with the London transport new technologies Transport Museum explores the story of London and its transport system over the last 200 years, highlighting the powerful link between transport and the growth of modern London, culture and society since 1800. We care for over 450,000 items – preserving, researching and acquiring objects to use in our galleries, exhibitions and other activities. Cost of the day: £32 annual pass for 2 adults


You got it!!! As you can read in London, you can have fun without spending any pence. Stay in touch and you will be notified with a new interesting place or activity to do with your little one here in London.

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