Brush up to get to be best

Getting to know your  environment (the professional one), its history, practices and evolution should be the first thing to do when you kick-start your career. It sounds silly because we believed that our “school” experiences would provide us with all the information needed. But we are wrong, because the activity in which you intend to draw your career is always changing and you will need to follow its changes otherwise you will lose to find something interesting.

Before starting, let me introduce Emma my friend she is the motive behind this post. Graduated in film distribution and marketing, my friend couldn’t find something interesting and she didn’t unless she’s getting to improve her knowledge in how works her environment. When I first said that to her (because I heard that somewhere and I am experiencing it every single day), she felt disappointed with me then she realized my point.
I questioned my friend about her job, what it’s all about. I know she would like to be a film marketing executive, because she was keep telling us so but no one didn’t know what was that. And as my friend starting to go through some questions, she quickly discovered that she has overlooked her career and how rich is her field and moreover how ready she wasn’t.

So while she was waiting for her career job to start, she tried to make herself more familiar with her environment. Step by step she went through those questions she perfectly wrote down to be used as her leitmotiv to achieve her goals:

“how do you intend to approach film festivals, what actually happens in film festival such as festival de Cannes -as Frenchies it’s the first one which came up- and how do you intend promoting the film you represent to stand out among the crowd at a film festival?”


Here is a version of Emma, my friend


Here stating the process
1- Job description for dummies
We all know someone who gets on our nerves because he keeps talking about his job or worst his passion. And they open up almost every time to share their passion with us even when we don’t want. It’s annoying I give you that, but you can feel their enthusiasm, it’s obvious. They can explain in any word their job, from a high professional to a 5-years-old they adapt their language to make themselves clear about what they are doing. To reach this place you’ll need to proceed with some changes, you’ll need to understand – you first- what your job consists in. It sounds silly but there are many people who don’t know what they are doing -wake up every morning and go to work and keep asking themselves why they in that place and this is especially why they come to hate their job too.

2- Find your specialization
This may be tougher than you think. Most of our studies programs provide us with a large variety of expertise. It will depend on you now to make your knowledge more specific, and draw your career into an area where you feel more comfortable in.

3- keep yourself updated
Being graduated 🎓 doesn’t mean you done with learning. The more you learn the more you know, easy isn’t? No need to go back to college, nowadays a simple subscription to a website will help you improve your knowledge in your sector without having to leave you place. And with tutorials and videos on personal development you will be able to build your knowledge as well as your personality. Just what you need.

4- be selective and effective
The worst thing to do it’s to absorb all information you get from websites. The thing with internet world you can quickly be overwhelmed and suffer for depression, just messing with you. To be in control of the information you receive, keep it simple.  For a great value of information you must subscribe -only- to websites specifically in your sector. And there again they may be hundred of websites simply in your own field. Analyse the website reliability and play it clever and see if it’s really worthy.

5- keep it fun and interesting…we wanna have fun 🎉
We hated school because it wasn’t that fun, always grounded, lots of homework and exam Having goose bumps grrrrrr.
We are not going to repeat it here-no way-we are our own master now so we can decide to learn and have fun all together, yeah YOU CAN. No more pressure here, there is no final you learn for your pleasure.

6- Be less square and more open attitude
It’s good to get to know well your environment, but keep your mind opened to new things. Multiculturalism is the new -old- trend,  workplace enjoy people who are open-minded. Willing to grab ideas from everywhere and adapting them on their own.

From now Keep your window opened your brain will thank you.

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