How to extend your Twitter perspectives with Google Chrome Flipfeed


Willing to enlarge your community and get to develop differing views. Flipfeed will make you see the Twitterverse through someone else’s eyes.twitter-1260x840

Flipfeed it’s a Google Chrome extension that enables Twitter users to replace their own feed with that of another real Twitter user. The idea it’s to help us_Twitterphile_ to feel less like into a bubble, getting posts or opinions only from people we follow.

Built by researchers in the Laboratory for Social Machines at Massachusetts Institute of Technology Media Lab, the tool it meant to explore “how social media platforms can be used to mitigate, rather than exacerbate ideological by helping people explore and empathize with different perspectives” said Flipfeed’s website.

In other words, using Flipfeed will extend your Twitter Comfort zone by giving you an option to see outside the restricted zone of your classic social media usage.

Give it a try, you might like.

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