Dear friend EARTH we need to talk

Hello Earth, we know each other since a while now and I like and I know you do too.

But I think it’s time to discuss about your future. Don’t stand there watching at us while we are destroying every single part of you. Your blue, green and even your air!!!Could you imagine that your breath will be cut off sooner. What can I do to help, tell me my friend how can I be helpful to you. I won’t be able to give you back your green destroyed all those years, at least tell me something within my capacity. And I’ll be pleased, it will be enough to completely heal you if everyone tries.recycle-pic


Any little helps, so tell to all your friends and I know you have many thousands and they will be happy to help you. Because that is what a friend does, he is around when things go wrong.

Speak up my friend it for our best all!!!!



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