L’actualité en bref

UK POLITICS: Fox will commit to free trade with U.S

Great Britain is committed to free and open trade with the United States and Canada. UK Trade Minister Liam Fox said on Friday: “Our government has been greatly encouraged by the attitude of the new American administration”

FROM MOVIES: Ben Affleck’s new gangster movie costs $75 million loss for Warner Bross

It looks as if Ben Affleck has finally hit a major speed bump as a director. His latest movie, “Live by Night,” has turned out to be a critical and box-office failure. The movie is looking at a $75 million loss. The gangster movie set in the Prohibition-era underworld that Affleck produced, wrote, directed, and stars in was a passion project for him but has turned into a big sore spot for Warner Bros.

BUSINESS:  Lending website to help small business take-off

Citibank group Inc has launched a website to make small business loans of up to $ 1 million. Before them, JP.Morgan & co launched their fast-decision online small business product. Many efforts by big banks to make the process of smaller loans more technology-friendly.

SPORT: Serena Williams wins women’s title in Australian Open 2017

Serena Williams has won the Australian Open by beating her sister, Venus Williams, in the final.This was the 28th meeting between the two. Serena entered the match with a 16-11 record in the head-to-head rivalry. Venus is the only woman to have that kind of success against Serena over the years, but Serena definitely had the edge over her sister. She earned the straight-set victory, 6-4, 6-4 and this is her fifth title at the Australian Open and her 23rd Grand Slam singles title overall.

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