It is what it is!

Do you remember the feeling of being a new graduate looking for your perfect job? you probably don’t.

Looking for a career job is hard, specially when you just left university. While you’re struggling to find something interesting, figures and studies make sure you are not losing your faith and hope. And when you might think that there is again another way, another chance, the reality kicks you back in your face. Yes, your application for this position has been rejected (again).

Graduation seems do not guarantee employment anymore, it is what it is after leaving university your application will be rejected because of your “non-professional” status.

And then again it is what it is when after thousands of refusal from thousands of companies, you will be forced to take on lower-skilled jobs in order to be active (keep saying that) but most to survive and pay back student loan.

Finding a job that matches your talents is depressing, disappointing, discouraging, still, you will not give up…because it is just what it is.



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