Souriez s’il vous plait

Have you ever seen this before, while you shopping?


Probably not, neither do I and this is quite normal actually.

I have been working for a year now as customer assistant in a  pace environment, meaning that is always busy. When I first started, I was smiling at all times not because they [manager] asked me to do so but because I’m a “smiling person”, it sounds weird but I am.

And I was always wondering why others, my colleague do not act the same. Then I discover what exactly is customer service, for my insight it’s hard to deal everyday with a customer. He will complain about the product, dislike your service, ask to talk to your manager because of your behavior, disrespect you and so on. I lost my smile, even you will.

I hated being a grouch, so I find a positive performance gap and adopt a new attitude to deliver excellent customer service at all times. Being attentive, reliable, patient, excellent and smiling no matter what.

So I worked on my attitude to make sure that our customers leave the shop happy and willing to come back for my smile 🙂

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