How physique contact can get you close to your dream job

strategie2 days ago, my mom and I were talking on the phone about my professional life. I explained to her how I’m focusing on revitalise my career, preparing myself to return to France. I told her that I am working on a new way to convince recruiters that I’m skilled, qualified and willing to work with them.

My mom whom was born years before the internet and get into job at those days where CV wasn’t needed,  said to me : “look on what you are good at and call or go to the company [the best option]  to explain them how much you would like to work with them”.

I first found that funny then I realised she was right, but it seems so easy that it is scary. So I said to myself why not simply go to the company I want to work for and ask for a job?

Sure it is exactly what we are doing nowadays using our computer and sending hundreds of CV online, but I think I will try to follow my mom advice and try to involve physique contact.

This might be  #the right way to get close to my dream job, anyway I will let you know if I find something or nothing.

Let me now just be proud of my mom, she was trying to help me feeling well and she actually succeed I feel so ready to go 😊😊

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