How to avoid being insulted in London Transports in 2017!

  • Stay home and tell your manager that you won’t come back to work until he/she changes your shift allowing you to go to work and get home before the peak time.

If you can not do that so you have a serious problem.

Have you ever heard about London morning rush-hour trains? No? I can not believe it, anyway it’s a hellhole…like really. Commuter Chaos As RMT Workers Bring London Underground To A Standstill

Every morning I deal with people who moaning, pushing  me, mumbling, staring at me. I am so far okay with that. And I kind of miss that sometimes, when I am away from London, a bit psychopath isn’t it!

So imagine how much I was surprised this morning when a man said to me “you, fuck you”. It was unexpected, could you believe that? He broke the morning-rush’ rules (which is by the way, complaining or suffering without saying a word). Really I was shocked, the right answer I had at that time was “OK” with a funny face as LOL.

If this happens to you one day, just…I don’t know…deal with it!


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