“Ecrire pour vider mon sac”…

My really first post as blogger… houra

So before starting, let me please introduce myself, I am a frenchie young woman, twenty something. Born in Cameroon and now living in London. I have been learning English for 2 years now and I really like doing it. As part of my learning process (you will have many to go through, if you decide too to learn a new language) I need to often write in English, to improve my skills. Learning by doing, I every single day trying to think, speak and …live in “English”, not that easy, at all.

“écrire pour vider son sac” means in English “writing to take a weight off your mind”.

Some other way, I am writing now to say hello, happy New Year 2017, that I am happy to join the blogging community. That I am a bit scared of the New Year with its loads of new projects and uncertainty. That I need more time to finish everything I have started a year ago. That sometimes I don’t really know what I am doing, and that’s worried a lot.


And that’s it! My bag is empty now and I feel good…thank you




This is where I came from

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